History Highlights

A dream that became reality in 2011, BestHive, is a small and ever-growing web design and development agency based in Pakistan. Partnering with two of the most talented people in the world, Mr. Artem Kuznetsov and Mr. Michael Schwengel, BestHive started to take wings. A few ups and downs are part of a company’s untiring journey but with Mr. Mohsin Johar at the head, the two partners providing the balance, BestHive finally started to fly on its own. Over 300 projects completed and continuing, it still feels like a dream that what started out in a small room 5 years ago has grown so big. And, we have made some incredible memories with remarkable clients that are helping us move forward in our journey ahead.

BestHive Today

Today BestHive aims to inspire its clients to be passionate about what they do as it helps us create awesomeness. We now partner with startups to medium-organizations to enterprises to build digital products that help them in creating lasting connections with people across the globe.

With a workforce of more than 15 people, developers working in harmony with the designers and strategists to create a symphony that even Mozart can’t compare to – well, no offense but, Mozart was the boss of himself. We have created a unique culture of entrepreneurial spirit, learning, and table football championships. Today at BestHive, been great at developing, designing and strategizing is all in a day’s work.

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