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Our passionate team members constantly stay informed of the latest web technologies to create your realities with forward-thinking vision. We don’t promise numbers, impressions, clicks or looks because website is so much more than that. That’s why we promise top notch functionality, best web practice approach, and scalability of anything that you have dreamt of.

If its complex, we will simplify it; if it’s impossible, we will make it possible.

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See what Michael Schwengel has to say about BestHive

A unique company selling hair products with a high fashion statement. Given the uniqueness of the product, the brand and website was designed and developed by BestHive, to give the company that trendy and rebellious look. With high end UX designing combined with powerful development framework, Indie Hair got the look it dreamt of.


expression-engine-1Expression Engine

New Website Launch: PeaceNiche/T2F

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We EAT, SLEEP, and BREATHE Web Services. With a team of nerds, analysts, and business competitors, we treat every single client as if it is our own. We get excited to work with small and medium market businesses like yours because you are the future of your industries. Our nerds and analysts will dive in your industry, and own it. We are here because we love the Web and are passionate about what you and we can achieve together.